Faculty Technical Director

Mr. Terry Poulton

Pennsbury Drama has plenty of opportunities for students who do not like to act. Stage Crew allows students to join a hardworking team of individuals who are responsible for many major aspects of not just theatrical shows, but live events throughout the year, including the Prom Fashion Expo, Mr. Pennsbury, the annual POPS! Concert, and the Senior Prom.

Stage Crew Departments

Management: Made up of the Stage Manager, and typically two Assistant Stage Managers, who are responsible for coordinating the rest of the Crews, along with communicating with Directors and Cast Members to make sure all rehearsals and performances are successful.

Shift Crew: This Crew works closely with the stage management team. They are responsible for the construction and movement of set pieces.

Prop Crew: The Prop Crew is responsible for designing, creating, and placing all props for the show.

Lighting Crew: The Lighting Crew is made up of designers and control technicians, along with 2-6 Followspot Operators. This crew is responsible for all lighting cues and special effects.

Sound Crew: The Sound Crew is made up of 1-3 Console and Effects Technicians, and often a Microphone Technician. This crew is responsible for all sound effects, and effectively using microphones so all actors can be heard.

Costume Crew: The Costume Crew is responsible for measuring, designing, and creating all costumes for a show. They work closely with the show's director to make sure all costumes fulfill the role. This crew is also responsible for helping with costume changes during rehearsals and shows.