Pennsbury Drama Lingo Cheat Sheet

ADJUDICATE - A process where a show is being judged to determine whether or not it will proceed to the next level of competition.

BACKSTAGE - the area behind the curtain.

BLOCKING - The choreographed movement of performers during a play.

CAVE, THE - The affectionate name given to the PHS Orange Auditorium at West. Ask someone about the bats sometime.

CUE - The signal for an actor or crew member to do something.

DESSERT THEATER - This is the Drama program's final TREAT for the school year.....a variety show performed by the PHS students. The menu includes singing, dancing and acting. The finale of the show is the induction of students into PHS' Thespian Troupe 830.

DOWNSTAGE - The front of the stage.

FOURTH WALL - The invisible wall between the audience and the performers onstage.

HARVEST DAY - A festival in Yardley during which PHS Thespian Troupe 830 and the Drama Parents set up a booth and sell merchandise to FUNdraise. Thespians also have an opportunity to earn points.

HISTORIAN BOARD - A group of elected students on the Pennsbury Student Drama Board. These people handle points for the International Thespian Society. There is one historian per grade and one overall historian.

INDIVIDUAL EVENTS - This is a competition at States and (if qualified) Nebraska. It provides students with the opportunity to practice audition skills and get feedback from professional judges. Tech individual events are available as well.

INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN FESTIVAL - A much larger version of the Pennsylvania State Thespian Festival. Students have the opportunity to watch main stage shows, auditions for Playworks, audition for colleges & scholarships, perform individual events, if eligible and just spend a week with friends immersed in a sea of THEATER!

INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY (ITS) - An organization designed to support students of the theater and encourage theater education. Pennsbury High School's troupe number is 830. To be inducted into ITS, one must receive 10 points or 100 hours of theater-related work (rehearsal time, FUNdraising, performances, etc). Freshmen coming from Charles Boehm, Pennwood and William Penn already have 5 points if they participated in their middle school drama programs. All Thespian Festivals are sponsored by this organization.

LINES - The words spoken by the actors.

PENNSBURY DRAMA PARENTS (PDP) - An organization of parents whose sole purpose is to help support the Pennsbury Drama Troupe 830.

PENNSBURY STUDENT THESPIAN BOARD - A group of elected students whose sole purpose is to help support the Pennsbury Drama Troupe 830. This group also includes the Historian Board.

PENNSYLVANIA STATE THESPIAN FESTIVAL - This has NOTHING to do with Penn State! Annually, Pennsbury High School partakes in the Pennsylvania State Thespian Festival. It is an event which gives students the opportunity to do workshops, individual events, research colleges and audition for scholarships. This year, the conference will be held from November 29th to December 1st.

PROMPTER - The crew member in charge of feeding the actor's forgotten lines during rehearsal or performances.

PROPS - The properties or small objects used by the performers. DO NOT TOUCH a prop that is not yours!

SCENERY - The large pieces used to represent location (flats, backdrops, furniture, etc).

STAGE LEFT - The left side of the stage from the actor's perspective (facing the audience).

STAGE RIGHT - The right side of the stage from the actor's perspective (facing the audience).

SWING - Actors whose sole purpose is to perform during rehearsals or a performance when another actor is absent. Swings often have to learn multiple roles.

THEME - The topic or subject developed during a play; often a moral or lesson.

UPSTAGE - The back of the stage.

WINGS - The side areas of a stage behind the curtain.