History of Pennsbury Drama Parents (PDP)

After Boehm’s production of "Removing the Glove" was invited to participate in the one-act division at the International Thespian Festival, several parents formed a group to raise money to help with the costs. When "Blood Brothers", a full length show requiring more funds to pay for shipping and other expenses, was invited to the International Thespian Festival in 2002, parents of the drama students formed Pennsbury Drama Parents (PDP) which was incorporated on February 5, 2002. The first president was Barbara Katz, who, with the help of her husband, wrote the organization’s by-laws and obtained charitable status for PDP. Over 60 persons from Pennsbury attended the International Thespian Festival that year. In 2004, Pennsbury performed "Merrily We Roll Along" at the International Thespian Festival. In 2008, the Pennsbury Choral Department sent "Little Shop of Horrors" with some financial assistance from PDP. Since its founding, the parents’ association has raised over $85,000 to support the work of the Pennsbury Thespians.