The purpose of the Pennsbury Drama Parents organization is to support the activities of the Pennsbury School District Thespian Troupes in order to help assure that the students are provided with exceptional opportunities and to encourage a standard of excellence in the quality of productions and other activities of the Thespian Troupes.

PDP began awarding scholarships to seniors planning to study theater in college in 2005. The first recipients were Lisa Mindelle and Whit Leyenberger. In 2010, the name of the scholarship was changed to The Joanne Levin Memorial Scholarship in honor of the PDP president who died that year. PDP has paid over $5000 in scholarships and, in 2011, helped cover the cost ($5000) of replacing curtains in the Orange Auditorium.

Pennsbury drama students who are graduating seniors are eligible for the following awards:

  • 2 Thespian awards to student leaders;
  • 3 Performance awards;
  • 3 Tech awards; and
  • The Joanne Levin Memorial Scholarships to seniors planning to study some aspect of theater in college.

The Pennsbury Drama Parents (PDP) is a group of parents who help support the activities of the PHS Drama program and Thespian Troupe 830. We assist the program with our time and donations we receive. Generosity like this helps the PHS Drama program handle costs due to travel to state & international conferences, equipment maintenance, production costs, Lobby enhancements and scholarships for students pursuing a theater major in college.​

  • We have several events throughout the year that require the assistance and/or charitable aid of the parents.
  • PDP elections take place in June. Up to 15 members can serve on the Board. Those elected at that time will take office on July 1st and will serve for one year.
  • Annual fee of $15.00.

Be proactive; it is a great way to support your child's interest in theater. We need parents who are committed and want to be involved. To ensure that our Drama planning can go forward, become a member of the PDP today.

What interests YOU? We welcome any and all the help you can offer. We all have busy and hectic schedules so the more parents we have to help, the easier it will be to get all the necessary jobs done. Our on-going programs are handled by committees. The current PDP Committees include:

  • Executive-Develop programs, ideas and projects to enhance the organization’s mission.
  • Finance and Membership-Plan for the financial needs of the PDP and recruit parents of students active in Theater to become members.
  • Publicity- Promote performances in order to fill the auditorium. Publicize the students’ achievements in drama throughout the school year.
  • Travel & Logistics-Planning and arranging travel & chaperones to regional, state and national thespian festivals.
  • Concessions & House Management-Planning and setting up Lobby to provide our patrons with our best “guest” treatment through ticket and concession sales.
  • History & Archives-Research, maintain and enhance the history & image of PHS Drama through website, records, Lobby displays and Award Theater Night.